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Safeguarding your IP with legal protection


An Austrian laser technology company had been doing business and operating a factory with about 100 employees in Russia for 15 years. When a new competitor entered the market, a large percentage of managers, engineers, and employees with deep knowledge of proprietary information entered negotiations to work with the competitor. The Austrian company had no legal protections or trade secret policy, and they stood to lose their intellectual property, and thus dominant market position, to their competitor.


SCHNEIDER GROUP supported the Austrian company throughout the entire process of solving their problem. First, we assisted in replacing the management that initiated the trade secret disclosure. Next, we drafted a trade secret policy, along with all necessary legally binding documents, including a list of confidential and proprietary information, NDA’s, and templates for contracts with employees.

SCHNEIDER GROUP then supported management in implementing the trade secret regime, communicating of all these changes to the employees, and securing signed and legally binding documents protecting the company.


Within a month of contacting SCHNEIDER GROUP, the Austrian company went from having no legal trade secret protection system to being fully protected.

This minimized the risk that their employees could provide inside information to their competitor, thereby destroying the Austrian company’s market position. These policies also help deter any future IP theft or disclosure of trade secrets

Furthermore, the development of a solid legal framework allowed the merger of the Austrian company with a sister company while maintaining the safe exchange of information and minimizing legal risks. With the groundwork laid, the company can now further develop the policy for different jurisdictions or legislative changes.

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