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A smooth road into the EAEU


An international IT Company was planning to export its anti-fraud solutions for mobile and fixed operators into the EAEU countries. However, the company had no own representative office / legal entity in the EAEU and therefore was not able to deliver its samples to potential clients by itself. In this situation, the potential clients in the EAEU had to organize the import of the samples by themselves, which they were not willing to do because of the challenging process and additional expenses for transportation, certification, and customs clearance.


SCHNEIDER GROUP offered a complex solution taking over the administrative, delivery and customs clearance process – well known as DDP service. An optimal logistics scheme to reduce transport costs, optimize customs payments, and deliver goods in time with fixed prices was developed. This option covered all necessary services for the import and supply of goods to the final consignee in the EAEU:

  • Coordination after arrival of the goods (handing over of shipping documents)
  • Conclusion of contracts with third parties (service suppliers such as logistic companies etc., and payment of respective costs)
  • Payment of customs duties, import VAT and customs fees to the Russian Customs
  • Support of electronic customs clearance of the goods
  • Delivery to the final consignee after the release of the goods
  • Preparation

We offer DDP solutions for different branches of industry and types of goods, and are ready to provide our services enabling companies without a subsidiary in Russia to deliver and sell their goods to their clients in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia.
Our Import Service guarantees a 100% transparent and legal import of goods to the Eurasian Economic Union.


SCHNEIDER GROUP functioned as a legal bridge between the IT Company and its potential clients in the EAEU. The on-the-spot approach offered by SCHNEIDER GROUP let the company send the samples immediately, avoiding the long-term multistage process of exporting into the EAEU, which was essential to avoid losing a potential client. The client in the EAEU was satisfied both with the terms of shipment and the equipment and concluded the contract with the IT Company.

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