SLM Solutions – Welcome to Russia

SLM Solutions – Welcome to Russia


The German Company SLM Solutions provides services to a large number of clients operating on the Russian market, from industries such as aerospace, energy, healthcare, and automotive. By the end of 2015, SLM Solutions established an entity in Russia in order to improve their services provided to local customers, and decided to celebrate this event with their customers and partners. Since the organization of such an event takes a lot of time and the local team of employees mainly concentrates on sales and customer support, they needed the support of a professional event management team.


SCHNEIDER GROUP took over the organization of the whole opening ceremony of the office of SLM Solutions in Moscow on February 11, 2016. As an expert in the organization of business events, SCHNEIDER GROUP’s team developed the concept of the event and coordinated everything from hotels and catering to guest registration, graphic design, and the organization of the entertainment program itself. The SLM Solutions staff from both the Moscow office and the headquarters were able to concentrate on their daily business activities in advance without having to take care of the organization of the celebration. During the event, the coordination was handled by the staff of the SCHNEIDER GROUP, and the SLM staff were able to focus on having a good time with their guests during the event.


Over 70 guests enjoyed an entertaining evening and became better acquainted with SLM Solutions and its employees. The success of the event had a positive impact on the SLM Solutions’ business in Russia by developing business contacts and strengthening the positive image of the company as a professional business


About SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions is a German company from Lubeck which has built upon the experience of its progenitor companies. It has a vast history of innovation in rapid prototype plant construction. In recent years the company’s focus was on selective laser melting systems. As a manufacturer of machines for series and prototype production, a crucial part of the company’s corporate policy is the development, production and sales of machines in the field of vacuum and metal casting as well as selective laser melting. Currently, SLM Solutions employs more than 160 people in Germany, Singapore, and North America.
SLM Solutions stands for supreme quality, process reliability, and efficiency for their diverse client base from the automotive, education, aviation, and medical technology industries.