Interim management

Solve administrative challenges when entering new markets with an interim General Director from SCHNEIDER GROUP. Our interim management service helps companies expanding into or working within ArmeniaBelarusKazakhstanPolandRussia and Uzbekistan navigate transitions smoothly and cost-effectively.

Entering new markets in Russia and the CIS requires a local General Director to establish a local entity, not just to sign paperwork but also to interact with state authorities. A foreign national needs to obtain a work permit to be entitled to work in Russia as a General Director. However, these permits can only be received when an entity has already been established. In addition, they require an official employment contract between the local entity and the employee. Our interim management services solve this problem appointing one of our local employees as your interim GD.

Interim management services are also often required by companies that need ‘back-up’ management but cannot justify hiring another full-time employee, are going through restructuring or liquidation, or are in an emergency situation, such as when travel restrictions prevent your GD from being physically present to carry out important administrative tasks.

We will appoint a trusted and highly-skilled interim GD with the necessary qualifications and experience to work in the region, offering you:

  • Greater control and transparency
  • Cost-effective and time-saving administration of subsidiaries
  • Reliable information about local business activities
  • Assurance that operations are in the interests of head office

We ensure your business is being managed effectively

SCHNEIDER GROUP focuses on who and what your business needs to successfully get through new challenges. Whether that involves opening a local subsidiary or steering the company through an emergency, one of our trusted, highly-skilled employees with experience in business and statutory requirements in Russia and CIS countries will assume the position of General Director for as long as your business needs assistance - temporarily, or in the long-term.

A risk assessment is the first step in the process. A candidate is then selected from our pool of suitable employees and presented to your head office for approval. If appointed, the new interim GD can be legally registered to represent your company and will act under the direction and authorisation of your head office. We can provide other C-level interim employees if needed, such as Head of Representative Office, Head of Branch, Liquidator, CFO and Chief Accountant.

What you get

The interim GD will sign corporate documents, file tax and customs declarations, represent your company before authorities, open and operate bank accounts and manage payments.
Appointing a full-time GD may not be financially justifiable, especially for start-up or dormant companies. Our interim GD will work on an hourly basis, so you only pay for the services and time you need.
Our interim GD will work on your behalf to ensure business continuity and full communication with head office that gives a complete picture of local business activities.
Our employees start interim management projects at short notice, are always on-call and manage projects in different geographic regions, with GDs in several countries working under the same principles.
The process of liquidating a legal entity in Russia is long, bureaucratic and resource-consuming. If your business is exiting a local market, we provide the services of a liquidator on an hourly basis.
Our GDs ensure that your business continues to operate efficiently when entering a new market or in emergency situations, so you can focus on business development rather than administrative tasks.  

Useful information

Why Schneider group

We consider the needs of each client carefully and tailor our services to suit your business. We will select interim management employees on the basis of their suitability for your situation, experience and local knowledge, for as long or as short a period as required.
We have employees with country-specific managerial experience that can take on interim management functions in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Uzbekistan. Our GD appointees are fluent in the local language and at least one foreign language.  
Our employees have a complete understanding of international business principles and guarantee compliance with the principles and guidelines of the parent company. Interim GDs have wide-ranging business experience and are supported by our experts in many business areas, from accounting to tax to legal to HR matters.  
A dedicated client manager with relevant industry experience is available for each customer. The client manager not only answers all potential queries about interim management services, but also handles communication with other SCHNEIDER GROUP departments when needed to solve related tasks.