Import, export, customs clearance

Efficient and fully compliant export of your goods and services into the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): analysis of current export / import models and development of new ones, supply chain restructuring considering sanctions and logistics restrictions, sanctions check regarding people, organizations, industry sectors, product categories, and destination.

Experience, local knowledge and total support

We will comprehensively consult with you and take responsibility for routine customs formalities, import-export operations and interactions with regulators, state control and security authorities. If you plan to handle importing in-house, we can help you to develop a hands-on action plan for transportation management.

Our consultants use their in-depth local knowledge of the geographical regions and climatic zones to create efficient delivery schemes that save your business time and money.

What you get

Viable, legally compliant imports
We make sure it is possible to import your goods to EAEU countries, consider applicable restrictions and sanctions, determine importation requirements and verify and identify Harmonized System (HS) codes.
Access to necessary permits
Performing the function of an Authorized Representative, we will obtain necessary permits from Russian authorities. We will issue a power of attorney for the right to use certificates in accordance with your instructions, giving you the freedom to choose an import partner.
Optimized benefits
We will analyze your product and research any applicable preferential customs tariffs, zero duties and/or benefits, then obtain the classification conclusion of the relevant state’s customs service on your behalf.
Initial import services (DDP)
If you do not have a legal entity or partner leading your foreign trade, we can act as the first buyer. We will deliver goods to their destination, perform all import formalities and sell the goods strictly according to your instructions.
Simplified delivery & customs
We can arrange the delivery of goods from abroad and across the EAEU, and will perform customs clearance on behalf of your recipient. When your goods cross borders, we will carry out customs clearance, using either your digital signature or our own digital signature.
Reports to authorities
We will prepare and submit reports to state authorities detailing the payment of eco-fees, check that the characteristics of your goods comply with technical regulations, and complete statistical reporting forms on the movement of your goods within the EAEU.

Useful information

Import, export & customs clearance services
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Why Schneider group

Flexible turnkey solutions
We tailor turnkey solutions to each customer’s needs and will work with you on a long-term basis as a trusted partner. Our flexible approach enables you to choose which operations you wish to manage internally, and which you would prefer our team of experienced professionals to handle.
Easy start
Because goods can only be imported into Russia and other EAEU countries by a local legal entity, foreign companies usually invest in creating a local entity or find a local partner/distributor. Our DDP solution offers an alternative, enabling you to start exporting more easily, flexibly and affordably. SCHNEIDER GROUP becomes the official importer of your goods.
Additional services
As well as import-export, customs clearance and certification services, we provide a full range of optional additional services, such as foreign contracts, supply chain analysis and obligatory digital labeling of imported goods according to Russian legislative requirements.
Risk reduction
SCHNEIDER GROUP spares your business the bureaucratic and logistical headaches that can slow your progress in entering or expanding into EAEU markets. Outsourcing eliminates the risk of supply disruption when a responsible employee departs the business, and minimizes the risk of violations related to interactions with state control bodies.