Real estate and construction

Comprehensive legal support for real estate and construction projects in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan.

SCHNEIDER GROUP's legal team supports both international and local businesses in their real estate and construction projects and transactions. We provide:

  • Advice on legal and tax issues related to real estate purchase or construction
  • Legal due diligence and technical inspection (together with trusted partners) of the property you intend to acquire
  • Advice on optimal structuring for your real estate purchase (purchase of a company or an asset), and explanations of the pros and cons of various acquisition options
  • Cross-check of counterparties’ authorisation to conclude an agreement and availability of all necessary corporate approvals
  • Drawing up or assessment of real estate purchase and sales agreements, lease agreements, real estate design and construction agreements, mortgage agreements, etc.
  • Notarisation support for the transaction
  • Support with state registration during the transfer of rights to real estate, lease or mortgage

Why Schneider group

We have extensive experience in supporting real estate acquisition projects for large international companies and are regularly included into local and international rankings of the best law firms.
We take your business objectives into account and include in-house experts from accounting, tax or finance in the project if required to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.
We perform thorough checks of all documents for the property and involve partners to mitigate possible risks during the transaction if required. We will prepare a comprehensive report with findings and major risks that have been identified in your choice of Russian, English or German.
Since 2003, we have helped multiple international companies enter new markets. We provide legal support in the regions where SCHNEIDER GROUP operates, relying on the experience and knowledge of our local experts guided by the international management team.