Digital marking

Is your business ready for digital marking?

Companies selling consumer goods within Russia or exporting them to Russia need to comply with new laws mandating the digital marking of products to combat the problem of counterfeit goods and low-quality analogues of well-known brands.
A dedicated public digital track and trace system called Chestny ZNAK has been created to manage the new scheme. All consumer goods manufactured in Russia or destined for export to Russia must be marked with a unique code that serves as a 'digital passport', tracking the product from factory to consumer.

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers a comprehensive solution to automate the process of obtaining codes for goods from Chestny Znak, marking products and tracking them in accordance with Russian legislation.

SCHNEIDER GROUP is an official integration partner of Chestny ZNAK

We use cutting-edge software that automates the registration of goods and the receipt of unique digital codes from Chestny Znak for each individual product, then generates labels with these codes. Labels can be printed and attached directly from manufacturing lines or sent to internal or external printing equipment. The solution automatically notifies Chestny Znak when goods pass control points, such as when they are introduced into Russian trade circulation or ownership transfers from one legal entity to another.

Implemented on the basis of the SAP Cloud Platform for reliability and resiliency, the solution includes the MarkingHub platform for marking a large volume of goods (over 100 million units per year), and supports full integration with SAP and 1C. There is also a light version that helps companies with small quantities of marked goods to save both implementation time and costs.

What you get

Compliance with Russian law
Goods cannot be sold in Russia without digital codes from Chestny Znak. Our solution ensures that businesses can sell goods in Russia, offering 360-degree coverage of all aspects of digital marking to provide peace of mind that your business is is compliant with Russian law. We take care of digital marking, so you can take care of the rest of your business.
Resource savings
Manually entering information in Chestny Znak is time-consuming. SCHNEIDER GROUP’s solution automates the process of entering information and receiving codes, which saves resources and avoids mistakes that can occur during manual processing. Companies of all sizes benefit from automation, but resource savings become particularly apparent at volumes of over 1000 marked goods per month.
Reliable, high-performing solution
Our solution is based on the highly reliable SAP Cloud Platform, which guarantees excellent performance even when handling large volumes of data. The platform can effectively manage up to 100,000 requests per day to the Chestny Znak system.
Reasonable pricing
Despite being implemented on the basis of a large-scale SAP enterprise platform, SCHNEIDER GROUP’s solution is priced at SMB.
Easy to implement
Implementing SCHNEIDER GROUP’s solution does not require changes to other IT systems in your corporate network. It is not necessary to adapt your existing accounting or ERP systems or migrate to other enterprise software to begin using our marking solution.
User-friendly interface.
Your teams will not require any specific additional training to begin working with our solution.

Useful information

SCHNEIDER GROUP End to End Solution for Digital Labelling of Consumer Goods
SCHNEIDER GROUP End to End Solution for Digital Labelling of Consumer Goods

Why Schneider group

Official integration partner of Chestny Znak
SCHNEIDER GROUP’s competency in handling the automatic digital marking and tracking of consumer goods has been confirmed by Chestny Znak, and we are listed on the Chestny ZNAK website as an official software partner.  
Wide-ranging IT experience
SCHNEIDER GROUP has experience with a variety of IT landscapes, including both global and Russian ERP systems, accounting systems and electronic document exchange systems. We specialise in creating and supporting IT infrastructure for companies in Russia that can be integrated with the IT infrastructure of parent companies abroad.
Additional services
We offer 360-degree horizontal and vertical support for businesses selling within or exporting to Russia. For example, SCHNEIDER GROUP can handle all aspects of the importation of goods to Russia if required. We are equipped with industry best practices and tools that can be tailored to businesses of all sizes.
Proactive consultancy
We closely monitor changes in the Russian legal framework and adapt our solution accordingly to ensure that your business remains fully compliant at all times. Our consultants take a proactive approach and will advise customers on upcoming issues and more advantageous import schemes.