Employer of record

Legally compliant employment of your staff / candidates without own legal entity in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia or Uzbekistan.

Employer of record service by SCHNEIDER GROUP means efficient setup of project teams on short notice, safe test drive with a local candidate prior to permanent employment, risk-free international payments and savings on HR administration cost.

Our experts provide tailored staffing solutions to organize contracts and ensure that your employees start work with minimal disruption.

We work with:

  • Companies in any industry that want to enter the market in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia or Uzbekistan and are looking for a safe test run with employees before opening a new office
  • Recruitment agencies

  • Companies seeking remote employees in in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia or Uzbekistan, or arranging a safe trial period with an employee
  • Global Payroll and PEO providers

Did you know that Russia and the CIS countries are famous for producing highly skilled and talented software developers?

With an increasing need for IT experts to set up and maintain digitalization solutions in the post-Covid environment, our outstaffing services can help you to tap a large talent pool without the risk of setting up a company in Russia amid uncertain political circumstances. If you have already identified a suitable candidate, we'll arrange every aspect of the hiring process. If you are still looking for the right person, we will find, examine and pre-select professionally qualified and experienced applicants. Our recruitment team specializes in finding the right person, with a particular focus on IT candidates.

What you get

Legally compliant employment of candidates
Candidates cannot have a direct employment contract with your company, so we will employ your new hire in compliance with local legislation.
Fully-managed tax compliance
Anyone living in and receiving a salary in Russia must also pay tax in Russia, and social security contributions can only be paid through a legal entity. SCHNEIDER GROUP is responsible for handling your new employee’s tax and social security obligations.
No need for staff relocation
Relocating a candidate is an option for companies that wish to hire a Russian staff member, but not all candidates are willing to move, and relocation is resource-consuming and risky. Working with SCHNEIDER GROUP makes it possible to employ staff in Russia without relocation costs.
Fully outsourced employment
Once you have approved the hire, SCHNEIDER GROUP will legally employ your candidate in compliance with Russian payroll and accounting standards, arrange all the necessary paperwork and handle every aspect of their employment, from salary to statutory reporting.
Transfer of liability
We are fully liable for any issues that arise for either the employee or you, the client. If you terminate the arrangement, we will handle the dismissal and ensure that the employee is compensated in compliance with local law.
Wraparound services
We can arrange the purchase of necessary IT equipment or offer the use of office infrastructure (subject to the needs of our HQ) to provide a workspace, conference rooms for client meetings and any technical and administrative support needed to get up and running.

Useful information

Outstaffing services
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Why Schneider group

Flexible packages
Our modular service structure allows you to request an individual service, or combine several into a competitively-priced package. In-house experts in law, IT, imports, accounting, tax and more can quickly provide any additional service you need.
Personalized service
We tailor solutions to each customer’s needs and business culture. Every customer has a dedicated contact person who is fully responsible for answering questions, managing recruitment and outstaffing services and providing clear communication.
Rapid and wide-ranging services
Organizing all of the necessary paperwork can be done surprisingly fast. In one case, a new hire began employment just a week after we received the initial request from our client. We are not limited to employing Russian citizens only. Our experienced legal department can arrange documents and work permits to employ non-Russian citizens. If you do not have a person in mind, our team can recruit rare, high-quality candidates.
Long-term partnership
Our professional teams work with clients on a long-term basis as trusted partners and offer free, proactive consultancy to optimize processes and reduce costs. If your company experiences success in Russia and sees potential in the market, we can handle the process of registering a legal entity to provide a firm basis for future expansion.