Compliance audit

Ensure your company is developing sustainably in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements with an independent evaluation of the implementation of corporate policies and standards.

Working with you to develop a compliance checklist and specific auditing procedures, SCHNEIDER GROUP consultants will:

  • Review local compliance with head office policies, regulations and standards to minimise risks, improve efficiency and ensure long-term business sustainability.
  • Review compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements (e.g. anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws).
  • Audit procurement (including supplier due diligence) and contracting processes.
  • Check compliance with data handling, confidentiality and access policies.
  • Monitor compliance with your corporate code of ethics.

What you get

We will audit local business units against head office guidelines and prepare a report to confirm compliance at group level. If any anomalies are found, we will document them and propose practical solutions to minimise risks. We can undertake both once-off and regular compliance audits.
Working closely with your business, we will analyse whether current corporate policies are sufficient to ensure compliance with local legislation and regulators, minimise risks and ensure successful development of local subsidiaries. If necessary, we will develop additional standards and regulations or adapt head office policies and procedures.
We will prepare all necessary documentation for bringing corporate compliance policies and local regulations into force; conduct staff training sessions (on-site or remotely); and ensure staff are familiarised with relevant orders and necessary signatures.

Why Schneider group

We build on a wealth of experience from previous client projects to develop compliance policies that specifically suit your company’s needs. We don’t just identify possible non-compliance - we also propose feasible solutions to eliminate discrepancies.
We bring in experts from SCHNEIDER GROUP’s legal department who specialise in relevant areas of law in a given country in order to take specific local legislation into account as much as possible.   
Our audit procedures are guided by your task parameters and deadlines. We follow the checklist formats and instructions from your head office in full, and can prepare reports in Russian, English or German as needed. We carry out urgent checks and change the focus of investigation in the course of the project, if necessary.
We analyse the risk of potential legislative violations in the event of a global restructuring of your business processes, such as when transferring certain areas of accounting to another country. We then prepare recommendations on how to minimise these risks.