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More than 40 SCHNEIDER GROUP employees complement the THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU team. Since 2007, SCHNEIDER GROUP has provided high-quality bookkeeping, tax accounting and legal support, 24/7/365. SCHNEIDER GROUP is also responsible for payroll calculation for 1000+ employees, preparation of reports, implementation of automation projects and interaction with government agencies on behalf of the customer.


THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH, owned by THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU HOLDING GMBH, a leading global mining company for the past 150 years, offers a full range of horizontal and vertical mining services. Subsidiaries of the company operate in the areas of industrial equipment and mechanical engineering, as well as in the construction industry where they represent all types of high-rise, underground and road construction, railing, underground operations, demolition operations and turnkey interior finishing of structures.

The solution

Centralized accounting

THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU’s complex holding structure, with headquarters in Germany and offices and individual construction sites in different countries and regions of Russia, presents a non-trivial task of centralizing and organizing bookkeeping and tax accounting. SCHNEIDER GROUP’s specialists streamline accounting flows and procedures, ensure compliance with legal requirements in each region, prepare necessary reports and organize the prompt transfer of data to the head office, translating transactions from 1C to SAP.

Payroll calculation and successful passing of inspections

Because THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU has a large number of employees and special working conditions (construction, rotational work, work in the Far North, high-risk work), the group must take a responsible approach to organizing personnel records and health and safety.
SCHNEIDER GROUP’s specialists ensure precision and accuracy in calculating wages. In 2020, the need to pay for downtime and non-working days during the Covid-19 pandemic made the payroll process more complicated. Due to the special conditions many employees work under, THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU’s factories are often subject to personnel inspections. Due to the well-structured processes and coordination of THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU’s Human Resources Department and SCHNEIDER GROUP’s specialists, it is possible to promptly respond to changes in legal requirements and successfully undergo regulatory inspections.

Accounting automation

The group’s complex international business structure justifies the simultaneous use of two automation systems (SAP and 1C). This requires a thorough study of data transfer processes from both a technical and accounting point of view. For convenience and cost optimization, SCHNEIDER GROUP’s team provides hosting and administration of 1C databases that are used by THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU’s Russian legal entities. Additionally, 1C has implemented a mechanism for the automatic translation of transactions in SAP, reducing labor costs. Industry-specific automation solutions developed over 14 years make it easy to connect new projects and scale existing projects, providing cost savings of up to 30% compared with recruiting employees for each project.

Tax optimization

A successful business often attracts the attention of the fiscal authorities. In partnership with SCHNEIDER GROUP, the company has not only reduced its tax base, confirming its mechanism for calculating the financial result of projects with the Ministry of Finance, but has also proved full legal compliance by successfully passing tax audits. SCHNEIDER GROUP’s specialists constantly monitor THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU’s tax situation and offer opportunities for tax optimization on a quarterly basis.

«SCHNEIDER GROUP provides a full-fledged back office staff for THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU to support projects associated with the EAEU, ensuring high-quality bookkeeping, tax accounting, payroll calculation and report preparation. As a partner, SCHNEIDER GROUP helps us to choose optimal methodologies and disseminate best practices to all construction sites. »

Grigory Galushko, Head of Representative Office

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