Market research

Is your business exploring the potential export of products to the EAEU?

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s market research services provide a cost-effective way to analyse new markets, test the waters with your products, localise branding and marketing strategies and establish contact with distributors and other potential partners.

Our packages can be tailored to suit businesses of any size, enabling SMEs to try out new markets without huge financial risks. For businesses making tangible products, we can ensure that potential buyers get the opportunity to experience the ‘look and feel’ of your product when making a purchasing decision.

Cost-effective market analysis drives future success

Entering the EAEU market can be a daunting prospect. Companies need to consider factors such as market volumes, foreign and national competitors and potential market share, but also need to understand the ramifications of legal matters such as national or international sanctions and requirements to localise manufacturing. Before addressing any of these, the importation and certification of products for EAEU markets require a legal entity within the Union. This can be solved by working with a distributor or trusted party, but is a significant undertaking.

Taking all of these elements into account, SCHNEIDER GROUP recommends performing a comprehensive market analysis to determine a strategy for market penetration. We provide businesses seeking to export to goods to EAEU countries with a full range of market research, analysis and exploration services, from detailed competitor analysis to trade fair visits to broader economic analysis. Reduce the financial risk of committing to a new market, make your brand visible to decision-makers and build a plan for lasting future success.

What you get

Analyze the market at the level of detail you require. Go deeper with partner/distributor searches, representation at trade fairs, localised branding and more.
Our specialists will use their local expertise and broader picture knowledge to carry out effective, relevant market research and present you with accurate reports.
We focus on your best interests at all times, drawing on industry best practices and expertise that is relevant to businesses of all sizes, from startups to long-established companies.
Language barriers can make it hard to enter new markets. We’ll help with communication with potential partners, event presentations and translation needs.
SCHNEIDER GROUP’s consultants have significant regional business experience and draw on networks of local contacts to get your product in front of the right people.
In packages that involve market representation, we will organise meetings with potential buyers, product sampling events and the production of new marketing materials.
Nazokat Rasulova
Business Development Manager
Nazokat joined SCHNEIDER GROUP in 2018. By that time, she already had significant experience in consulting industry.  She is involved in market research projects, personnel recruitment, onboarding, development and assessment.   Nazokat has more than 16 years of professional experience. She graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Department of Foreign Languages and speaks Uzbek, Russian and English.
International FMCG company
Importing and selling goods in Russia
We collaborated with the customer to carry out market research, develop a detailed product assessment and plan promotional activities. We also helped them find would-be distributors and negotiate contract terms.

Why Schneider group

We offer a range of flexible market research packages tailored to your business needs. Our in-house experts in law, accounting, IT, imports, recruitment, tax and more can quickly provide any additional service you need.
Every customer has a dedicated contact person with relevant industry experience who is fully responsible for answering questions and handles communication with other SCHNEIDER GROUP departments when needed to solve related tasks.
We closely monitor changes in legal frameworks and the economic environment of the EAEU. Our consultants take a proactive approach and will advise customers on upcoming issues and more advantageous marketing strategies.
We offer 360-degree support for businesses that intend to export to the EAEU. SCHNEIDER GROUP can handle all aspects of importation to Russia or other EAEU countries if your market research and market testing yields promising results.

Service packages

Basic market analysis
Gain a first impression of the market and discover whether or not it is interesting for your company. We’ll report on dealers/retailers that offer similar products, competitor products/brands available in the market, their shelf price, and volumes imported by competitors (HS-code analysis).

Advanced market analysis
In addition to the basic market research package, we research and report background information on local/foreign brands in the market (market volume, volumes exported and local production) and general information regarding sanctions and legal obligations related to the importation and certification of products.

Partner/distributor search
We’ll help you to find a suitable partner to purchase or distribute your products within the target market. First, we research a long list of potential partners, then make contact with shortlisted candidates to present your product in the best light and establish relationships. You’ll receive a full report of our findings and efforts.

Market analysis plus
Combining the Advanced Market Analysis package with a basic partner/distributor search, this package provides substantial information about the market and initial feedback from actual market participants to develop an understanding of how attractive your product offering is for the market.

Market analysis pro
In addition to the information that is researched and analyzed in the Market Analysis Plus package, we investigate and report on the answers to specific, individual questions that you want to ask in relation to your business and the target market.

Market representative solution
A cost-effective market analysis, representation and active sales solution, particularly suitable for businesses with a tangible product for interested parties to sample. We’ll carry out market analysis and consulting, localise marketing materials, contact potential partners and assist you at trade shows, sampling events and more. 

Trade fair and market visits
We will accompany you to corporate events such as trade fairs and conventions to help present your product in a compelling manner, assist with local translation/communication and provide a first-hand experience of the market.

Economic reports
Get the broader picture of market trends, challenges and opportunities. We’ll keep you up to date with quarterly economic reports that summarize economic developments in Russia and the rest of the EAEU.