Сompany liquidation

Are you considering an exit from the Russian market?

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers wrap-around company liquidation services and can advise on other possible solutions, such as making your business temporarily dormant.

The process of liquidation in Russia is long and complex. Minimize risks, maintain proper communication with authorities and settle financial and labor issues with end-to-end support from our legal, accounting, tax and HR experts.

Total support and flexible options

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s turnkey liquidation support packages will help you to navigate and complete the entire liquidation process in compliance with Russian law, from facilitating layoffs to building an inventory of assets and liabilities to closing bank accounts and exclusion from EGRUL.

However, liquidation is not the only option. If you want to keep the door open and maintain a dormant legal entity, we can provide a legal address for correspondence, handle quarterly and yearly statutory reporting and appoint one of our employees as interim General Director to sign all necessary paperwork.

What you get

Risk assessment
We will analyze business activities over the last three years and review current accounting and tax practices to identify risks. We will provide improvement recommendations and ensure complete and timely reporting so that liquidation will not be delayed due to any underpayments or discrepancies.
Personnel dismissal
We’ll ensure that layoffs are legally compliant, preparing all necessary paperwork to terminate labor agreements. We offer your business full support in negotiations with employees and the calculation of compensation packages to avoid any labor disputes.
Support at every step
From submitting applications to authorities to settling payments to preparing final reports, we will provide full legal support throughout the liquidation process. We’ll also arrange storage of your company’s documents in the State Archive for up to 75 years, which is mandatory under Russian law.
Personal manager
We will appoint one of our employees to handle closing procedures in compliance with local legislation. On your instructions, they will sign documents, represent the company to third parties and interact with creditors. As payment is usually on an hourly basis, this is more efficient than hiring a full-time liquidator.
Legal address
Once the business is reduced, there is no need to continue leasing your previous office space. We will provide a legal address for your business in the closing stages of liquidation to save on rent and ensure that all official correspondence is duly received and handled in a timely manner.
Full accounting support
Throughout all closing stages a company still has to submit quarterly reports even if there is no business activity. We will take over accounting and tax reporting until liquidation is completed, and will also handle liquidation-specific reports such as a liquidation balance sheet and cashflow forecast.

Why Schneider group

Expertise under one roof
Our team of experienced professionals will handle every aspect of the liquidation process and can call on in-house experts in labor and migration law, corporate law, interim management and more when needed.
Flexible turnkey solutions
We tailor turnkey solutions to each customer’s needs and will work with you on a long-term basis as a trusted partner. We can take over the entire liquidation process, or handle targeted areas if you already have internal resources or preferred suppliers for specific services.
One point of contact
Every customer is assigned a dedicated client manager with relevant industry experience. They will answer all queries via your preferred communication channel and handle communication with other SCHNEIDER GROUP departments to solve related tasks. 
Relocation support
Liquidating your business in Russia is only part of the picture. We will offer advice on alternative setup locations and can provide full business relocation support using our local expertise, contacts and networks.