Recruitment, assessment and training

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides HR support for international companies doing business in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. We will help select both top-level executives and skilled professionals with specialist expertise, manage professional competence assessments and organise skills development training.

Our consultants can provide comprehensive support for your HR department, or take over HR functions entirely for as long as you need if your business does not have in-house specialists in the initial stages of business development.

We specialise in recruiting, assessing, and training personnel in SCHNEIDER GROUP competencies:

  • Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Taxation
  • Law
  • HR management
  • HR administration

What you get

Working with you to determine your needs, we will draw up an ideal candidate profile. We will help define recruitment criteria and write a position summary detailing the qualifications, experience and qualities required. We can advise on the level of compensation and help create a benefits package to suit both parties.
We will present the most competent candidate based on an interview with an HR specialist and an expert in the relevant field. We will verify the accuracy of CV data and personal details, and will collect references from previous employers. If the employee does not pass the probation period, we will provide a replacement at no further expense.
We will organise everything needed for your selected new employee to start their job, from preparing a job offer to finalising an employment agreement. We’ll manage every part of the ‘hire-to-retire’ HR documentation required.
At your request, we will organise the assessment of employees in accounting, finance, taxation, law, HR administration and HR management according to our own methodology. Assessment is available both during recruitment and as part of a project to assess the competencies of your current team.
Based on the results of the assessment, we will draw up a comprehensive report with recommendations for further professional development. We will provide training for your employees in areas such as labour law, preparation of accounting and tax reporting and IFRS reporting.
We will manage internal HR and talent management regulations and draw up necessary procedures, rules, and policies. To ensure that local procedures are in line with company-wide standards, we’ll maintain a high level of communication between local subsidiaries and head office.

Why Schneider group

We specialise in recruitment, assessment and training for selected professional areas related to our core areas of expertise, such as accounting and taxation.  We guarantee that candidates will be highly professional and the current team will be assessed independently. 
We guarantee strict confidentiality during recruitment and assessment projects. We are experienced in handling complex situations, including business restructuring.
We offer full HR back-office services for your business at the level required, with a high level of flexibility in the scope of tasks and services provided. As your business grows, we can help you to build your own HR department.    
We provide HR support services in all of the regions where SCHNEIDER GROUP operates, subject to local legal requirements. We support local offices in communicating effectively, clearly and transparently with head office.