Labour and migration law

Structuring of labour relations and full migration support for the employment of foreign nationals.

SCHNEIDER GROUP's labour and migration law specialists offer reliable solutions for establishing stable working relationships between employees and employers to mitigate legal risks and ensure sustainable business development. SCHNEIDER GROUP specialises in handling labour relations with foreign employees and offers full migration support. We provide:

  • Practical advice on labour and migration law
  • Analysis of your company's specifics and a thorough risk assessment of employment practices that are currently applied
  • Preparation of documents for employment/dismissal of personnel and employment invitations for foreign nationals
  • Support in disputes related to labour and migration law
  • Development of internal policies and regulations

SCHNEIDER GROUP's labour and migration law services include:

  • Recommendations and support on labour and migration law issues
  • Advice on changes in organisational structure (downsizing) and optimisation of staffing costs
  • Support during layoffs due to company liquidation
  • Audit of HR documents, internal regulations, policies, and other local regulations
  • Legal support for employers in labour disputes; assistance in complicated dismissals, including dismissals for violations of labour discipline and dismissals of protected categories of employees; negotiations with employees; legal representation
  • Representation of your business before regulatory and supervisory authorities (State Labour Inspectorate, Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.)
  • Advice on transferring employees to remote work (both permanent and temporary), and assistance in drafting necessary documents
  • Development of employment contracts, job descriptions, internal policies, orders, and other internal regulations

  • Audit of civil law contracts to analyse employment relationships and minimise legal risks
  • Advice on the types of work activities that can be allocated to foreign nationals depending on their visa and other supporting document types
  • Full migration support, including technical, work, and business visas, patents, and work permits
  • Drawing up and submitting necessary notifications on the conclusion of an employment agreement with a foreign national; fulfilment of payroll obligations to foreign highly qualified specialists (HQS)
  • Advice regarding special working hours (e.g. accounting of total hours worked, flexible schedule, shift schedule)
  • Consulting on personal data processing and protection of trade secrets; assistance in drafting necessary documents
German pharmaceutical manufacturer
Interim administration of Russian representative office
We completed tax due diligence on a German pharmaceutical manufacturer's representative office in Russia to identify accounting risks, took over management of the representative office until it was wound up, incorporated the office into a local subsidiary, formalised employee transfers from the representative office to the subsidiary and arranged the  office’s winding-up process.

Why Schneider group

We consider high-quality legal support to be a crucial step towards your long-term success in a new market and the key to sustainable business development. We help our clients build efficient labour relationships and mitigate legal risks.
We provide labour and migration law support in all regions where we operate. Our legal experts boast many years of professional experience in cross-cultural environments. Both the company and individual experts are often included into local and international legal ratings.
We tailor our services to your needs and flexibly adapt their scope if the situation changes, from high-level advice on local migration and employment law and methodological support, to preparation of necessary turnkey documents and communication with regulators on your behalf.
We actively support the everyday activities of legal committees of leading international business associations and have an extensive partner network around the globe. We offer our customers practical solutions that comply with local legal requirements and head-office interests.