Accounting and tax review

Gain independent insight into accounting and tax practices in your local offices and subsidiaries. We thoroughly assess accounting processes and tax compliance to provide head office with accurate data that affects management decisions and settles queries over reported figures.

Our independent comprehensive review of accounting and tax reporting identifies errors and their associated risks, providing accurate data for management decision-making and reducing the potential for reputational or financial damage. The review applies to all areas of responsibility of the accounting department and covers a period of your choice.

The review analyses:

  • Reliability of current accounting practices
  • Quality of tax reports
  • Completeness and timeliness of reporting
  • Risks of non-compliance with complex local regulations
We focus on your goals, not just on accounting entries.

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers a flexible solution. We focus on your particular areas of interest and can expand or change focus in the course of the review if required to achieve the agreed outcome.
We analyse the most important risks first, but we also adhere to the principle of completeness. The report includes all detected errors, irregularities and opportunities for improvement in order of priority.
We use legal requirements to ensure that our recommendations are as applicable as possible to your specific needs. If there are several possible solutions, we will include a description of their advantages and disadvantages.

What you get

We indicate financial and tax risks associated with your current accounting and tax reporting approach, then explain what should be changed to mitigate them.
We help ensure business transparency for clients, partners and regulators. We seek solutions that are beneficial to your company in strict compliance with legal requirements.
We pinpoint areas for optimising accounting and tax reporting and reducing costs, and provide methodological support during our review.
We indicate industry-specific regulations that must be adhered to, and ensure compliance with sector-specific legislation, such as paying ecological dues.
We help prevent or minimise the risk of fines incurred due to accounting or tax deficiencies and irregularities.
We find cases of actual and potential violations of the law, provide detailed comments and offer solutions based on the current situation.

Why Schneider group

We are flexible in terms of the scope of the analysis and are guided by your preferences regarding timing, method and format. The review can be carried out at your office or remotely using copies of accounting, tax reporting and payroll databases. We also offer a remote review option with a one-time visit to the office.
The report is available in either Russian, English, and German. The results of the investigation are presented in simple terms and just include a summary of findings, risks and recommendations. Depending on the target audience of the report, we provide references to relevant regulations or explanations of local specific features.
We focus on your business requirements in terms of timing and can begin an urgent review within the space of just a couple of days. We ensure the task is fully completed within a limited timeframe by using internal resources rather than taking a selective approach.
Because our core business is accounting outsourcing, we have a wide breadth of practical accounting and tax experience, and have developed our own system of checks and indicators to analyse information and identify hidden risks. We expand our focus flexibly during the review if we discover information that requires closer scrutiny.