Commercial law

Comprehensive legal advice on preparing commercial agreements and full-scale commercial law support.

SCHNEIDER GROUP's multinational legal team helps international businesses in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan to structure and optimise all types of commercial agreements with customers, suppliers, partners and distributors. We take the specifics of your business and internal processes into account to provide:

  • Advice on legal aspects of commercial activities in the relevant country
  • Analysis of your current commercial agreements, recommendations for optimisation and agreement templates
  • Support in negotiations with business partners

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s commercial law services include:

  • Legal assessment of business models
  • Risk assessment at deal conclusion
  • Structuring of contractual relationships and assistance in negotiations
  • Drafting of agreements relating to negotiation procedures and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Assessment of contractual relationships from the point of view of anti-monopoly legislation
  • Legal analysis and drafting of all types of commercial agreements (supply, services provisioning, contracting, loan provisioning, agent agreements, etc.)
  • Advice on structuring of distribution agreements
  • Advice on franchising arrangements

What you get

We take into account your business objectives, industry specifics, business model and typical problem-solving approach. The project team includes a legal expert in commercial law, as well as consultants from related legal areas and representatives from other departments (accounting, tax, finance) if required to ensure the best possible outcome.
We rely on industry best practices and our professional experience to analyse and optimise your commercial agreements or draw up agreement templates for further use. We can help you to standardise the process of preparing routine commercial agreements.
We will support your business in negotiations with business partners, answering questions and providing necessary clarification and legal assessment of options discussed. We help to establish a productive dialogue between your international head office and local counterparties.

Why Schneider group

Regardless of the task, we tailor solutions to your business processes and propose several options with a brief explanation of the pros and cons of each. We consider each commercial agreement to be a step towards your long-term success in a new market.
We provide a full range of services for new market entry and business development. This helps save time spent on communication with several partners and overall project coordination. We flexibly adapt to your needs and promptly respond to any requests.
Our legal experts boast many years of professional experience in cross-cultural environments. As well as thorough assessments during hiring process, all our employees regularly upgrade their qualifications. The professional competencies of our legal team are assessed twice a year during internal evaluations. Both the company and individual experts are often included in local and international legal ratings.
We provide legal support in all countries where we operate and engage reliable partners in the regions where we do not have a local presence. This allows customers who work in multiple jurisdictions to benefit from consistency in the preparation of commercial agreements and minimise associated risks.