Keeping the supply to Russia flowing smoothly


Upon learning that a breakdown in relations with the company's distributor had rendered its products unavailable for import into Russia, our specialists quickly issued the necessary certificates to facilitate supply while also taking on the risk of any potential consumer complaints.


The challengeThe solutionThe result

The challenge

A perfume exporting company declined the services of its distributor, and in response, the distributor withheld certificates for goods registered in the exporter's name. To keep the supplies to Russia running smoothly, the company needed to find a replacement immediately.

The solution

SCHNEIDER GROUP served as an authorised representative of the Perfume exporter and quickly obtained the essential permits for the customer, ensuring that their products were delivered on time to Russia.

The result

The exporting company can now expand its business in Russia and choose its partners and distributors freely, while SCHNEIDER GROUP handles any potential quality claims from consumers.

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