Switching to electronic document management

Industry:Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

We implemented electronic data exchange and electronic document management at WELEDA. We also assisted in setting up data exchange with a major retailer, an online store and a premium supermarket chain.


WELEDA was established in 1921 and now has a presence in over 50 countries. WELEDA manufactures over 1000 pharmaceutical and 120 natural cosmetic products, employing approximately 2,000 people. The raw materials used by WELEDA are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Every single ingredient in WELEDA’s products is derived from plants and minerals.

The challengeThe solutionThe result

The challenge

In the course of their everyday interactions, WELEDA's clients have often requested that they switch from paper to e-workflow. However, clients operated through a variety of accounting systems and e-workflow services.

The solution

SCHNEIDER GROUP assisted WELEDA with electronic data exchange and electronic document workflow implementation to alleviate this bottleneck. We helped WELEDA to implement electronic data exchange with one client, a retail chain, in an initial e-workflow project at the end of 2014. Electronic product orders and electronic delivery confirmations were successfully exchanged.
Following this project, we assisted WELEDA in implementing an electronic document workflow for another of its customers, an online retailer, in early 2015. In contrast with electronic data exchange, this procedure enabled the electronic signature and transmission of invoices and delivery notes via state-certified e-workflow operators.
WELEDA and the premium supermarket chain established an electronic data exchange which included four types of electronic documents (orders, order responses, delivery reports and receipt reports).
SCHNEIDER GROUP continued to implement required IT solutions after evaluating the feasibility of e-workflow implementation and optimising the existing document flow within 1C.
WELEDA employees were provided with training sessions and technical support services to learn about all of the documents that could be exchanged using the e-workflow.

The result

With the e-workflow in place, WELEDA:
• Has been able to respond to client needs more efficiently
• Enjoys higher productivity and more efficient routines,
• Has cut costs due to lower administrative costs and less paper consumed.

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