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Our client base consists of both companies that are already established on the local market and of companies that are looking to set up their business in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. For your convenience we have grouped our clients by industry sectors: from agriculture to textiles, footwear and fashion. Simply scroll down and browse the companies which are already trusted clients of SCHNEIDER GROUP.

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Electronic Document Interchange | Weleda


Weleda – From paper to digital

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Weleda was facing requirements from several customers, who were all demanding the implementation of a procedure achieving a paper free document flow, but were using different accounting systems and EDI providers.


To address this matter, SCHNEIDER GROUP supported Weleda in implementing Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Document Interchange.

The first EDI project SCHNEIDER GROUP assisted Weleda with was the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange with one of its clients, a retail chain, at the end of 2014, which comprised of the interchange of Orders and Despatch advices. At the beginning of 2015, SCHNEIDER GROUP helped Weleda in the implementation of Electronic Document Interchange for another of Weleda’s clients, an internet-shop. This procedure, unlike Electronic Data Interchange, enables the electronic signing and sending of VAT invoices and delivery notes using EDI operators certified by the state authorities. We eventually established Electronic Data Interchange between Weleda and a premium-class supermarket chain for four types of EDI messages (Orders, Order responses, Despatch advices, Receiving advices).

After analyzing the possibility of implementing EDI, reengineering the already existing document flow into 1C, we proceeded to the setup of the required IT solutions. We also provided Weleda with trainings for its employees and all documents required for using the EDI solution, handled the negotiations with EDI providers, and subsequently offered maintenance services.


This project had a profound impact on Weleda’s business: following its implementation, Weleda fulfilled its clients’ requirements of increased productivity and efficiency, and in parallel provided a significant cost saving opportunity, decreasing stationery costs and administrative workload.

About Weleda

Founded in 1921 and present in over 50 countries, Weleda manufactures over 1000 pharmaceutical products and 120 natural cosmetic products worldwide. With approximately 2000 employees, Weleda ensures that the highest quality resources go into its products. Of Weleda’s plant-based raw materials, 83% are cultivated in controlled organic and biodynamic environments, or are obtained from controlled wild sources. All Weleda’s products are made from pure natural substances. Weleda enjoys a great business reputation for quality, trust and a sustainable business development.

Product Certification | Bogner


Bogner – From Germany to Russia

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When exporting to the Eurasian Economic Union, almost all kinds of products need to be tested and certified. Current certification legislation is based on the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, which define the minimum standard requirements of products in terms of their production processes, quality, security, technical characteristics, etc. In addition to conformity declarations and conformity certificates, there are dozens of other types of product registrations and licenses, which are not easy to obtain. Following the registration of its subsidiary ‘Bogner Eastern Europe’ in autumn 2012, Bogner started to plan the export of its products to Russia. There were, however, two main challenges Bogner faced: the numerous different categories of products to export, causing extensive documentation requirements, and the need to conform to the Technical Regulations of the EEU.


SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting Bogner since the very beginning of the export process in August 2014 in obtaining conformity declarations and certificates for many different products belonging to different product groups, from clothing to marketing material. Firstly, SCHNEIDER GROUP’s experts conducted a product analysis. On this basis, they found out what conformity documents were required for each product, and, after gathering all necessary documentation, they applied for them to the certification authorities. Besides the application process and the preparation of the full set of documents, SCHNEIDER GROUP also coordinated the deliveries of the samples for the product tests.


This project had a profound impact on Bogner’s business in the Russian market: for almost two years, the German label has been exporting certified products to Russia in accordance with the Eurasian Economic Union regulations thanks to a reliable certification process. SCHNEIDER GROUP has also been providing Bogner with legal consultancy since July 2014, and carrying out their accounting since March 2013.

SCHNEIDER GROUP can help its clients to obtain the necessary certificates or register their products within the Eurasian Economic Union, carry out product analysis for certification purposes, assess which certificates are required, and finally, prepare the documentation for the certification process.

About Bogner

Since 1932, Bogner has combined sport and function with fashionable design. Known as the inventor of sports fashion, the long-established label nowadays embodies one of the most successful sportswear-companies in the world. Today, the brand is present in over 35 countries around the world, with more than 78 stores. What once started as a dedicated small production facility in one of Munich’s backyards more than   80 years ago has evolved into a prosperous international label. The capital letter “B” has been a symbol of fashionably inspired and sophisticated sporting apparel ever since.

Event Management | SLM

slm-200x200-w-logoSLM Solutions – Welcome to Russia

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The German Company SLM Solutions provides services to a large number of clients operating on the Russian market, from industries such as aerospace, energy, healthcare, and automotive. By the end of 2015, SLM Solutions established an entity in Russia in order to improve their services provided to local customers, and decided to celebrate this event with their customers and partners. Since the organization of such an event takes a lot of time and the local team of employees mainly concentrates on sales and customer support, they needed the support of a professional event management team.


SCHNEIDER GROUP took over the organization of the whole opening ceremony of the office of SLM Solutions in Moscow on February 11th, 2016. As an expert in the organization of business events, SCHNEIDER GROUP’s team developed the concept of the event and coordinated everything from hotels and catering, guest registration and graphic design to the organization and coordination of the entertainment program itself. The SLM Solutions staff from both the Moscow office and the headquarters was able to concentrate on their daily business activities in advance without having to take care of the organization of the celebration. During the event, the coordination was taken over by the staff of the SCHNEIDER GROUP, and were able to focus on having a good time with their guests during the event.


Over 70 guests enjoyed an entertaining evening and became better acquainted with SLM Solutions and its employees. The success of the event had a positive impact on the SLM Solutions’ business in Russia by intensifying business contacts and strengthening the positive image of the company as a professional business partner.

About SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions is a German company from Lubeck which has built upon the experience of its progenitor companies. It has a vast history of innovation in rapid prototype plant construction. In recent years the company’s focus was on selective laser melting systems. As a manufacturer of machines for series and prototype production, a crucial part of the company’s corporate policy is the development, production and sales of machines in the field of vacuum and metal casting as well as selective laser melting. Currently, SLM Solutions employs more than 160 people in Germany, Singapore and North America.

SLM Solutions stands for supreme quality, process reliability and efficiency for their diverse client base from the automotive, education, aviation, as well as medical technology industries.

Accounting Outsourcing in Russia | DEBAG

DEBAG – Transparent accounting in Russia                                                                                              

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When entering the Russian market and starting new business activities, the first challenge western companies have to deal with is the complex formality and bureaucracy of the world of Russian accounting and reporting. Usually, any kind of commercial activity has to be documented, signed and stamped which makes an efficient document flow one of the most important tasks of any accountant in Russia. Combined with the obligation to file complete quarterly reports, the effort, which needs to be put into accounting in Russia is thus far more time-consuming than in Western countries. Additionally, tax regulations are much more important in relation to Russian bookkeeping and the finance system than in Europe.
Having successfully registered its subsidiary ‘ASCOBLOC DEBAG RUS’ in October 2013 with the support of SCHNEIDER GROUP, DEBAG also decided to outsource its entire accounting activity to its trustworthy partner.


SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting DEBAG since the very beginning of the company’s activity on the Russian market. Having accompanied the German brand during the entire registration process, SCHNEIDER GROUP has also been carrying out their accounting activity ever since. Since October 2013, SCHNEIDER GROUP provides Interim Management solutions and has been representing the client’s interests at the state authorities regarding customs and tax declarations in close communication with and according to the guidelines of the mother company. Furthermore, SCHNEIDER GROUP has been providing legal consultancy since July 2014, and conducting workshops for DEBAG’s employees to train them on how to use 1C in order to increase their efficiency.



This project had a profound impact on DEBAG’s business on the Russian market: for almost three years, the German brand has been successfully operating in Russia. With fully outsourced accounting, DEBAG is in continuous contact with SCHNEIDER GROUP’s accountants, while fully concentrating on its core business activity on the Russian market.
SCHNEIDER GROUP offers its international clients the possibility of outsourcing their entire accounting activity in Russia. Especially for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, the outsourcing of accounting leads to higher cost efficiency and enables companies to focus on their core business activity in Russia. The outsourcing of their accounting activity in Russia includes daily bookkeeping, preparation of documents and reports for the Russian tax authorities, payroll and HR matters.


DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH has been developing baking technology for over 100 years. In 1911, Alois Paul Linder started an independent baking oven shop in Munich which became the foundation for DEBAG. His business developed and manufactured brick ovens, and quickly became market leader for the production of trade baking ovens in the German speaking areas. Backofenfabrik Gustav Schmidt & Söhne was founded in Freiburg in 1924. The company developed and built brick ovens.

Both acquired companies were united under the name DEBAG in the early 1990s and Bautzen became the home of DEBAG. During the following years, the company underwent continuous further development particularly in Germany, and started exporting – first to Europe and then worldwide. After integrating the companies AlexanderSolia and Ascobloc, DEBAG developed into a one stop provider for baking processes, including selected areas of preparation, storage and presentation.

There was a push for intensive and targeted expansion within Europe and other selected regions, supported by the foundation of own subsidiaries in France, Russia, Poland and USA. Today, its premium products and extensive services make DEBAG one of the market leaders in Germany and Europe.