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The Republic of Kazakhstan has established a quota for the employment of foreign labor force
Force the 2025 permit, the employer must allocate the number of foreign workers and submit the application by 1 October 2024.
The minimum amount of debt for the initiation of bankruptcy of legal entities has been increased
The reason for the bankruptcy of a legal entity can now be debt of RUB 2 million, instead of the previous RUB 300 000.
Uzbekistan: Legal Update
Changes in Uzbek legislation include the introduction of an electronic consignment note system, simplification of licensing procedures, improvement of customs procedures, and regulation of insolvency.
Business Meetup
Unlock Your Business Growth in Eurasia
Serbia is developing into an increasingly important strategic trading partner for the EU, China and Russia as an economic driver, nearshoring market and regional hub in the Western Balkans. Join our Business Meeting in Belgrade and gain in-depth market insights for the Eurasian region from leading international experts.
Crisis Communication and Business Resilience: Strategies for Operating on the Russian Market
The current economic and geopolitical situation has triggered significant changes in the corporate structures of many companies, as well as to restructuring of core business processes, supply chains and cash flow routes.
Online Event
Safeguarding Trademarks: Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges in Russia
Amidst evolving regulations, efforts to register foreign trademarks in Cyrillic characters can pose a real challenge to trademark holders exiting Russia or placing companies in dormant status.

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