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15th Anniversary of SCHNEIDER GROUP Belarus
SCHNEIDER GROUP Belarus celebrates 15 years of success in supporting international companies in Belarus.
Temporary restriction on payment of profits and dividends to residents of "unfriendly" countries in Belarus
The restriction applies from a minimum amount of approx. 3 million Belarusian roubles and requires special authorisation from regional executive committees for payment processing.
Universal declaration process in Kazakhstan
As of January 2024, managers, founders, individual entrepreneurs, and their spouses must file asset and liability declarations as part of the implementation of Kazakhstan's Plan of the Nation (100 concrete steps).
Online Event
Safeguarding Trademarks: Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges in Russia
Amidst evolving regulations, efforts to register foreign trademarks in Cyrillic characters can pose a real challenge to trademark holders exiting Russia or placing companies in dormant status.
Online Event
Pharma legal updates: EAEU & beyond
At our event, SCHNEIDER GROUP legal experts, alongside Dr. Edelgard Rehak, will provide comprehensive insights into the current legal landscape within the pharmaceutical industry, covering recent regulatory changes in the EAEU as well as emerging trends specific to selected countries.
Navigating the Russia-EU Business Challenges
During our webinar, SCHNEIDER GROUP will provide insights about the ever-changing regulations, financial interactions, and logistical complexities inherent in conducting business in the Russian market.

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