Carbon emissions audit & guidance

Is your business exporting to the EU or supplying Russian/CIS businesses that need to reduce their carbon footprint?

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers comprehensive carbon emissions audit and
guidance services to analyze how your business creates emissions and what you
can do to reduce them

Gain accurate emissions data and detailed advice on solutions to re-design business processes, retrofit buildings, train staff and more.

Meeting commitments to the future

From 2023, companies exporting goods to the EU will be required to comply with the European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which will impose a price on certain goods from non-EU countries based on carbon emissions generated during production. Companies are seeking to reduce emissions in anticipation of this change. Regulatory pressure aside, many businesses are taking on greater social responsibility commitments and introducing emissions reduction policies.

To decide how to proceed with reducing carbon emissions, you first need a clear picture of how, where and when your business produces greenhouse gases (GHGs). With full support from our qualified analysts, we will comprehensively survey and analyze how your business activities generate emissions, in as much detail as you require. Then, we’ll put together a detailed strategic plan with practical recommendations that you can put into action to improve your carbon footprint.

What you get

Flexible service packages
Analyze direct emissions and/or indirect emissions from upstream and downstream sources at the level of detail you require.
Broad-spectrum analysis
We can investigate the impact of a wide range of activities, from electricity consumption to waste disposal to employee travel.
Detailed reporting
Expert interpretations of data on carbon emissions with comprehensive analysis of what the results mean for your business.
Solutions-focused advice
Our consultants will work with you to produce a list of technical and economic solutions to reduce carbon emissions.
Infrastructure assistance
Practical help with sourcing equipment and evaluating, designing and redesigning buildings, including construction support.
Process and personnel support
We can assist you in redesigning business processes and training staff to drive low- or zero-carbon initiatives.

Why Schneider group

Flexible turnkey solutions
We tailor turnkey solutions to each customer’s needs and will work with you on a long-term basis as a trusted partner. Our flexible approach enables you to adapt services as your plans evolve. Our in-house experts in law, accounting, IT, imports, recruitment, tax and more can quickly provide any additional service you need.
Personal approach
Every customer has a dedicated contact person who is fully responsible for answering questions, overseeing the management of the carbon audit and guidance process and providing clear communication. Our professional teams work hand-in-hand with clients and offer free consultancy to optimize processes. 
Proactive consultancy
We closely monitor changes in the legal frameworks surrounding carbon emissions in the EU and beyond to ensure that your business can adapt accordingly. Our consultants take a proactive approach and will advise customers on upcoming issues and potential solutions to mitigate impacts.
Comprehensive service offering
We offer 360-degree support to guide you through the process as you assess how your business generates emissions and put plans into action to address the issue. Our consultants are equipped with industry best practices and expertise that is relevant to businesses of all sizes, from startups to long-established companies.
Service packages

Basic Emissions Package
For all companies, particularly those exporting to the EU. A simple and inexpensive analysis to identify the biggest sources of direct carbon emissions in your organisation, such as in-house electricity or heat generation and transportation in company-owned vehicles.

Basic+ Emissions Package
For all companies, particularly those not exporting to the EU. A simple and inexpensive analysis of the biggest sources of both direct emissions (e.g. in-house electricity generation) and indirect emissions (e.g. purchased electricity). Includes upstream and downstream analysis of one product to identify potential for changes.

EU Exporting Package
For all companies, particularly those exporting to the EU. A full-scale analysis according to the calculation principle defined by CBAM and the GHG emission protocol, based on direct emissions only. Includes identification of fugitive emissions from intentional and unintentional releases.

Manufacturing Package
Particularly relevant for manufacturing enterprises. A full-scale analysis based on both direct and indirect emissions. Includes analysis of emissions as a result of the manufacturing/processing of chemicals and materials, e.g. cement, aluminum, adipic acids, ammonia manufacturing and waste processing.

Trade & Services Package
Mostly relevant companies trading goods or offering services, rather than producing goods. Focuses on the analysis of indirect emissions from activities such as purchasing energy, employee travel and distribution. Includes, under some circumstances, the activities of leased assets, franchises and outsourcing to contractors.

Total CO2 Footprint Package
For companies interested in evaluating the total carbon footprint of their product or organisation. The most comprehensive package, offering a complete analysis of all types of direct and indirect emissions.


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