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Market Analysis in Ukraine

Market analysis is necessary, if the Ukrainian market is interesting for you, but you require a lot more information before taking a decision to enter the market. This is why we provide you with a revealing market analysis. Ukraine’s business activity in many sectors is concentrated in Kyiv. Therefore, we usually focus on the Kyiv area. Of course, we also include other cities and regions according to your specific needs and requests.

Your Competitors

In our market studies we analyze the business activity of your competitors on the Ukrainian market in detail. Such an analysis usually distinguishes between producers and wholesalers and also between domestic and foreign market participants.

Your Customers

We do not only analyze your potential clients and their business development, but also the overall development of the industry sector and your potential within this sector. Questions of long or short term contracts between current clients and their suppliers are as important as the overall willingness of clients to change their supplier.

Distribution and Partners

Our market analysis also includes searching for distribution and partners. The distribution system is a decisive success factor for a market entry. Ukraine’s specific regional characteristics therefore play a great role in our market analysis. Ukraine offers various opportunities for cooperating with local distributors, but this approach requires an efficient controlling mechanism.

Practical Aspects of Business Set Up

Our service does not end with the completion of the theoretical work. In an implementation-oriented part of our analysis we also show our clients how to tackle the practical aspects of business set up. This comprises questions such as the availability of qualified personnel, the cost for office rent and overall financial needs as well as legal/bureaucratic obstacles in the Ukrainian market.