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General Director Function in Russia

The General Director Function provides temporary, limited management resources and skills by assigning a proven interim executive to manage a period of start-up, transition, crisis, or change within an organization. We provide Interim General Director Services for your subsidiary in Russia for short or long term periods.

Specifics of the general director position in Russia

Under Russian corporate law, the general director (CEO) has much more comprehensive rights than a German CEO. In Russia, prior to 2014, the general director was the sole authority for making main decisions, and it was not possible to require cooperation or agreement between multiple directors or deputies.

After changes to the Russian Federation Civil Code in September 2014, a company may now have several general directors with authorized signatures, either together or individually. Considering Russian work culture and typical company structure, it is important to find out whether management and employees will be able to deal with the new polycentric authority in practice.

Many companies appoint a representative of their headquarters as their general director who is not regularly present in Russia. To address this issue, our experienced Senior Project Managers take over the functions of the general director and manage the subsidiary in close coordination and consultation with your headquarters. We can also take over the management of a representative office or a branch office on the basis of a PoA. We ensure a smooth document flow, handing all administrative tasks in accordance with local legislation, and communication with headquarters will be done in your native language.

We are ready to take over the following tasks:

  • Controlling document flow
  • Personal presence at state authorities, if necessary;
  • Signing customs and tax declarations and other important documents upon agreement with the parent company;
  • Signing labor agreements, employment agreements, vacations, bonuses, etc.
  • Monitoring and signing contracts, invoices, VAT invoices, and Service Acceptance Certificates;
  • Representing the interests of the company during negotiations as instructed by the parent company;
  • Appointing of the authorized persons who may act on behalf of the company and sign payment documents to ensure the business stays under your control.

Advantages of the General Director Function Services:

  • Prompt response to changing situations;
  • Cost savings, especially in crisis. We charge an hourly rate fee without any additional payments;
  • Understanding the local circumstances, the authorities, and how to communicate with them;
  • The general director ensures the performance of the company during a transition period and maintains contact with clients;
  • SCHNEIDER GROUP guarantees a permanent employee for the general director function;
  • The interim general director provides clients high-level, in-house consultations and helps find the best solution for both the headquarters and subsidiary.

Accounting and Finance - Interim Management in Russia

Accounting and Finance – Interim Management in Russia

Accounting and reporting is much more important in Russia than in Western countries. When the chief accountant leaves a company it faces several difficulties. As the notice period before leaving the company for an employee is only two weeks, no replacement can be found in time.

We can assist our business partners in finding a new chief accountant or offer outsourced accounting services. Our specialists can audit the accounting and find an appropriate candidate for the chief accountant position.

Operative General Director Management in Russia

Does your company want to achieve serious results in Russia? Then you should remember that the Russian market operates according to its own specific legislation, which differ considerably from European ones. Good knowledge and understanding of the law is one of the main factors for economic success in this country. SCHNEIDER GROUP is ready to assist our business partners in developing their business in Russia and the CIS.

Main services provided by our company  

  • Temporary substitution for management vacancies / temporary company management
    Temporary performance of director’s duties, managing and completing existing projects, informing directors of the current situation, managing and closing of existing projects, updating the replacement management.


  • Company reorganization and project management
    Analysis and change of business strategy, extension of company activities, management optimization, increase of internal process efficiency, controlling system creation, restructuring and development of new activities.


  • Entering the Russian market
    Temporary fulfilment of duties, development of market entry strategy, temporary assumption of legal authority.


  • Business liquidation

Company liquidation and closure of activities, including relations with all interested parties.

  • Controlling and monitoring systems

Representing your company interests to Russian partners and directors.

Bank Selection

Along with choosing an optimal legal form, one of the most pressing issues facing foreign companies when entering the Russian market is the choice of a reliable bank that offers favorable conditions, services the current account, and processes financial transactions.

The choice of banks offering settlement and cash operations services is quite extensive. However, the choice in favor of a large banking structure with many years of experience in servicing international companies in various industries seems to be the most attractive. This makes it possible to carry out settlement operations easily and quickly, creating favorable conditions for business development in Russia.

In practice, companies are guided by the following main criteria when choosing a bank:

  • Minimum number of days required to open a current account
  • Number of branches in Russia
  • Bank rating
  • Availability of a personal manager with knowledge of the language
  • Bank hours
  • Possibility of signing a signature card in the client’s office
  • Possibility of payment on the day of registration of the application
  • Payroll project management
  • Fees for carrying out operations

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers its clients a comprehensive analysis of settlement and cash service conditions in the largest banks in Russia, including detailed information on the timing of opening and maintenance of accounts, online banking, fees for transactions, and additional services.

Business Partner Background Check (St. Petersburg)

In pursuance of a steadfast, prolific business partnership, one must build a foundation of mutual honesty, trust and transparency. To this end, it is imperative to perform a due diligence check before entering into any business relationship, for entrepreneurs and established corporations alike. A comprehensive background check serves to ascertain any risks and benefits of potential business alliances, thereby facilitating your confident selection of the optimal business partner.

Pertinent Concerns

In the interest of mitigating risks pertaining to the success of your business, maintaining your reputation, credit as well as the safety of your employees, a company shall take heed of the following caveats prior to forming a business partnership:
• Financial Negligence: Bankruptcy, tax liens, poor credit, and other financial problems should raise a red flag, even if your potential partner will not be contributing financially to your business.
• Legal and Ethical Malpractice: Bad press, pending or prior litigation, using proprietary information inappropriately, client poaching and further possible ethical problems may signal your potential partner is not principled or trustworthy. Furthermore, misrepresentation of academic history, references, or employment information on one’s résumé immediately demonstrates a lack of honesty.
• Personal Misfortune: Serious personal challenges or problems may keep your potential partner from committing fully to your collaboration, in view of the focus, time, and energy necessary to run a business.

How can SCHNEIDER GROUP assist you?

SCHNEIDER GROUP places your potential partner under scrutiny from various angles:
• Breakdown of company structure (shareholder structure, management, subdivisions, affiliated companies, subsidiaries)
• Dissection of legal history and conformity (codes as stated in all Russian classifiers and registers, arbitration cases, certificates and declarations of conformity, due diligence on individuals directly or obliquely affiliated with the company)
• Classification of economic activity (sectors, locations)
• Analysis of the competitive environment and company’s position in their industry
• Analysis of key financial indicators (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, liquidity, reliability and solvency indices)

Our goal is to provide the highest possible service quality at any time.

Should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us via or phone +7 / 812 / 458 58 00.

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