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SCHNEIDER GROUP offers Interim Management services in Russia, Kazakstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland
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General Director Function in Poland

An interim General Director for your Polish subsidiary

When opening a business in Poland it is essential to remember, that under the Polish corporate law, a company needs to have a Board consisting of at least one member. The Board is usually the only executive body in a Polish company and represents the company.

SCHNEIDER GROUP takes over the management function

SCHNEIDER GROUP can render management services by providing of a General Director who will represent your company on the basis of procurement. We will sign all relevant documents for your company and ensure working operations.

Tasks accomplished by us:
  • Consultation on and control of document flow;
  • Personal presence at state authorities, if necessary;
  • Signing of customs and tax declarations and other important documents under the power of attorney and upon agreement with the parent company;
  • Signing of all labour contracts, vacation applications and other labour related legal documents;
  • Control over and signing of contracts and accepting VAT invoices;
  • Representing the interests of the company at negotiations according to instructions given by the parent company;
  • Agreement on who is authorized to give us directives at the beginning, so that your business still is operatively under your control.
Advantages of Interim Management services:
  • The use of Interim Manager Services ensures a prompt response to situations;
  • Cutting expenses, especially during the crisis: payment at an hourly rate, without any additional fees;
  • The Polish Interim Manager speaks the same language as local institutions and is aware of local circumstances;
  • The use of Interim Manager services ensures that a company will be able to continue working in a transitional period and will not lose contact with clients;
  • Being guided by his/her experience on the Polish market, an Interim Manager advises the Client as an in-house consultant and looks for the most optimal decision for the parent company and as well as for its subsidiary.

Accounting and Finance - Interim Management in Poland

Accounting and Finance – Interim Management

Accounting and reporting is much more important in Polish companies than in Western ones. Therefore you face particular difficulties when your Chief Accountant leaves your company. As the notice period prior to leaving the company for an employee is only 2 weeks, normally no replacement can be found in time.

We can help you to find a new Chief Accountant or offer you to fill the gap before your new chief accountant arrives by Interim Management.

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