Interim management in Belarus

General Director Function in Belarus

General Director in Belarus

According to the local corporate law, a local General Director has significantly more power and control than a Managing Director of a Western company. For example it is not possible to transfer a signature authority to two managing directors together: the General Director always has the right to sign alone. Because of this, many companies designate a representative of the parent company, who is not present in the respective CIS country physically, as General Director. However a foreigner needs a work permit for this position. A work permit can only be applied for after the legal entity was registered.

In order to solve this problem, we take over the General Director function. We will sign documents for your Belarus/CIS subsidiary after receiving your written permission. Thus together we can ensure a smooth flow of the documentation.

Tasks accomplished by us:
  • Consultation on and control of document flow;
  • Personal presence at state authorities, if necessary;
  • Signing of customs and tax declarations and other important documents under the Power of attorney and upon agreement with the parent company;
  • Signing of labour agreements, employment orders, vacations, payments of bonuses etc.;
  • Control over and signing of contracts, invoices, VAT invoices and acts of provided services;
  • Representing the interests of the company at negotiations according to instructions given by the parent company;
  • Agreement on who is authorized to guidance and instructions at the beginning, so that your business still is under your control.
Advantages of Interim Management services
  • The use of Interim Manager Services ensures a prompt response to situations;
  • Cutting expenses, especially during the crisis: payment at an hourly rate, without any additional fees;
  • The Belarusian Interim Manager speaks the same language as local institutions and is aware of local circumstances;
  • The use of Interim Manager services ensures that a company will be able to continue working in a transitional period and will not to lose contact with clients;
  • Assurance of employment issues: SCHNEIDER GROUP ensures the free and constant occupation of the position of the General Director;
  • Being guided by his/her experience in Belarusian market, an Interim Manager advises the Client as an in-house consultant and looks for the most optimal decision for the parent company and as well as for its subsidiary.
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Accounting and Finance - Interim Management in Belarus

Accounting and Finance – Interim Management

Accounting and reporting is much more important in Belarusian companies than in Western ones. Therefore you face particular difficulties when your chief accountant leaves your company.

As the notice period prior to leaving the company for an employee is only two weeks, normally no replacement can be found in time. We can help you to find a new chief accountant or offer you to fill the gap before your new chief accountant arrives by Interim Management.

Operative Interim Management in Belarus

Does your company want to achieve serious success in Belarus? Then you should take into account that the Belarusian Market operates according to its specific laws, which are significantly different from European ones. A profound knowledge of these laws and the ability to work with them are decisive factors for economical success in this country. SCHNEIDER GROUP is ready to help your business develop on the territory of Belarus.

Main services
  • Temporary vacancies substitution in company management;
  • Temporary performance of a director’s duties, managing and finishing of existing projects, making other directors aware of current situation;
  • Company reorganisation and project management: analysis and change of business strategy, extension of company activities, turn-around management, increase of internal process effectiveness, creation of a controlling systems, restructuring and development of new kinds of activities;
  • Entering Belarusian market: temporary fulfillment of duties, development of entering the market strategy, if required;
  • Business liquidation: company liquidation and finishing of the activities including relations with all the parties concerned;
  • System of control and supervision: representing your company interests in relation with (Belarusian) partners and (Belarusian) directors;
Advantages of operative interim management
  • Analysis of the situation, development of action plan and its fulfillment by one employee;
  • Economy on social payments, vacation payments and other staff expenses;
  • Minimal time spending at initial phase of work;
  • Concentrating on specific tasks;
  • An interim manager promptly takes on the authorities and responsibility;
  • After the interim manager leaves the company, you will have great know-how on delegating authorities;
  • Absence of compensations during contract termination;
  • An outside point of view will help to develop new ideas and keep objectivity while making decisions.

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