Import, customs handling and certification in Ukraine

Export, import, customs, certification
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Imports to Ukraine

SCHNEIDER GROUP can offer their clients a complete front office service (either directly or by referring to one of long-term partners):

Import handling for the local subsidiary

  • Customs clearance for third parties via electronic signature or broker service;
  • Registration at customs;
  • Registration of the electronic signature;
  • Logistics coordination;
  • Development of a supply chain and warehousing concept;
  • Delivery of goods to the client’s final client;

DDP Service

  • Import of goods and customs clearance in our own name;
  • Administrative support (stipulation of contracts, passport of deal and all other shipping or customs documents);
  • Logistic handling from the client’s premises to his/her final client;
  • Payment of customs duties, VAT and other taxes if required.

SCHNEIDER GROUP guarantees a 100% transparent and legal import process.