Expert Recruiting and Outstaffing in Russia

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Expert Recruiting in Russia

Recruiting experts in Moscow in accounting, tax, and IT

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides recruiting services in various fields where we have expertise, with a particular focus on accounting and financial positions where we have developed rigorous candidate evaluation procedures.

That is why many companies choose SCHNEIDER GROUP to identify, examine, and pre-select suitably qualified and experienced candidates for accounting, controlling, and finance positions, such as:

  • Chief Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Director
  • Tax Expert
  • IT / ERP Expert
3 Stage Assessment

1) Verbal interview with a recruiting expert.
2) Professional competence test developed by SCHNEIDER GROUP and tailored to the individual customer’s needs, followed by a second interview with an in-house accounting or finance senior expert.
3) Final approval interview with one of our Directors/Partners.

We provide our clients with an objective, comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s professional competence, theoretical base, and practical skills. We also provide a detailed assessment of the candidate’s personal characteristics.

Our concept

In order to provide our clients with professionally qualified candidates, we have developed a systematic method of staff recruitment. It is a modular system where a client can request an individual service, or combine several into a package at a competitive price. While completing each task, we involve experts from different departments – from legal to the internal control department. Our entire range of expertise is at your disposal.

Outstaffing in Russia

We offer our outstaffing services in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Each company in Russia and abroad needs employees, but it can be difficult to employ all the required or desirable personnel.

The main reasons to consider outstaffing are:

  • Ensuring business activity during the registration process
  • Activity keeping in case of temporary incomplete legal security of the company
  • Limited quantity of workplaces in the company office
  • Delegation of the accountaning or HR departments
  • Ensuring confidentiality of salary information
Outstaffing process:

1. SCHNEIDER GROUP employs the candidate of the client’s company or searches for an employee through the recruiting process.
2. The client company concludes an outstaffing agreement with SCHNEIDER GROUP, and SCHNEIDER GROUP signs a labour agreement with the employee. The client is the actual employer, and SCHNEIDER GROUP is the legal one.
3. SCHNEIDER GROUP handles the calculation and payment of salary and taxes. The social package is provided at the request of the client company.
4. If required, SCHNEIDER GROUP consults on questions regarding labor law, the client company, and the employee.
5. At the termination of the agreement, SCHNEIDER GROUP prepares the dismissal of the employee.