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After the fat years with double-digit growth rates, the Russian fashion market collapsed with the beginning of the crisis. The European fashion industry is faced with new challenges of up to -60% in certain areas, changed customer behavior due to a loss of purchasing power, dwindling consumer confidence, calls for ruble prices, shorter delivery periods, greater payment delays, and pressure from major chains such as H & M and Inditex. In the meantime the Russian government has also seriously tackled gray imports and announced the fight against illegal imports. In particular, the latter leads to a rethinking of the retail trade and increases the pressure on foreign fashion companies. Companies operating locally with their own subsidiaries have considerable competitive advantages and are in a position to fill the gap in the expected market consolidation.

It is possible to deliver goods directly from abroad to Russian retailers via a trustworthy and completely compliant technical importer. SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed a Fashion Fast Track concept with DHL, which offers foreign companies the opportunity to do just that without changing the current order and delivery processes without major investments.

Our services we offer for fashion industry

  • Development of a sales concept (wholesale, retail, e-commerce)
  • Building your own company on site as well as all processes, structures and workflows incl. IT and full legal and tax consultancy and support
  • Certification and import
  • Accounting and finance
  • Full backoffice structure

or alternatively

  • Integration into the Fashion Fast Track concept, accompanied by legal support in certification and trademark protection
  • Process setup and processing
  • Sales to end customers including customer management and cash flow
  • Risk management

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