SCHNEIDER GROUP opens doors for young professionals

On April 25, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP held a “Career Day” for students and graduates of Moscow universities and business colleges. This has already become a regular event and allows young professionals to learn more about financial professions. It also offers the most talented an opportunity for an internship in the company and to become part of the SCHNEIDER GROUP team.

Ulf Schneider, General Director of SCHNEIDER GROUP, shared his professional experience and advice on career development in the financial sector with the participants of the event. He told about how he started his career as an accountant and how important it was to be prepared for the interview: “When I came to the interview, I expected to be tested for professional suitability, but instead I talked about hobbies, mathematics, and macroeconomics,” said Ulf. In addition, he advised the attendees to choose a field in which they would be unrivaled, and not to be afraid to start with a simple job, such as sorting documents.

SCHNEIDER GROUP partners Alexander Nuzhny and Ekaterina Lozhkova told the graduates about the digitalization of financial professions and the prospects for the development of accounting in the future.
SCHNEIDER GROUP’s experts also held business workshops on accounting with the participants, and the employees of our HR department presented how to write a strong resume.

At the end of the evening, the graduates had the opportunity to take a professional photo for their resume, and get acquainted with the working environment in SCHNEIDER GROUP during an organized tour of the company’s office.