Military registration in organizations in Belarus

For many companies, military registration obligations have not been considered or are seen as too difficult. The main question they ask: is there any penalty for non-compliance with these obligations?

The idea that it’s difficult arises from misunderstanding the law, but the main problems actually appear while checking and finding mistakes, which leads to administrative penalties.
Firstly, what is military registration, and what is its main purpose?
Military registration is a government system of registering people obliged for military service, which is done in companies by filling in personal cards. The main purpose is to collect information about human resources in times of peace or war.
Military registration must be done in each organization.
Responsibility for compliance with military registration requirements is on the general manager and other persons in charge.

Non-compliance with military registration procedures is subject to administrative penalties:

  • not providing the list of employees obliged for military service to military departments carries a penalty of USD 25-50. For the same offence in the current year, the penalty will be USD 50-75.
  • not notifying an employee obliged for military service about the request to visit the military department carries a penalty from USD 25-50. For the same offence in the current year, the penalty will vary from USD 25-100.
  • providing documents necessary for military registration in an untimely manner carries a penalty from USD 50-75. For the same offence in the current year, the penalty will vary from USD 75-100.
  • non-compliance with the rules of military registration carries a penalty from USD 50-63.

For military registration, you should follow the steps below:

1. Determine the person in charge

A single person or a department can lead the registration, depending on the number of employees. The number of people in charge in the department also depends on the number of employees:

  • 1 person for 500 to 2500 employees
  • 2 people for 2500 to 5000 employees
  • 3 people for 5000 to 8000 employees

2. Prepare required military registration documents:

  • Work plan of military registration
  • Handover act for the period of temporary absence of a person in charge
  • Personal cards of employees
  • Registration book of special military register forms
  • Registration journal, correspondence with military departments, etc.

3. Notify the military department about the standing on the register and show all information for employees obliged for military service:

  • The report of all employees obliged for military service to the local department
  • The report of employees obliged for military service to their military departments

In the future, accomplish full and correct military registration in the organization:

  • check the military registration documents of employees before hiring
  • clarify whether an employee is registered at their place of residence
  • fill in a personal card for a new employee
  • report to the military departments about hired and dismissed employees and about all changes relating to marital status, family composition, level of basic education, position, and place of residence
  • annually verify personal cards
  • provide employees with the opportunity to appear at the military departments in a timely fashion
  • notify employees of the necessity of visiting military departments at their request

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We hope that the article was useful to you. The article is for informational purposes only. For a complete familiarization with the law, refer to the source. The material was prepared by reference to – the law on military duty; regulations on military registration; instruction on the organization and maintenance of military registration of persons liable for military service, approved by Decree of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus of 05.31.2011 No. 21.

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