Foreign Broadcasters need a Representative Office in Kazakhstan

On January 1, 2017, the commencement of updated legislation Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting in Kazakhstan took place. Among other changes, Article 18-1 was introduced as a new requirement. It states that owners of any foreign TV and radio channels shall register a representative office in Kazakhstan if they broadcast in Kazakhstan directly, or through a local broadcasting operator.

Main requirements for the head of a representative office

The following persons cannot be the heads, or chief editors of such representative offices:

  • Foreign nationals and stateless individuals
  • Disabled individuals
  • Individuals with outstanding convictions
  • Individuals who have been a head or chief editor of a mass media and found responsible for the termination of broadcasting by court during last three years
Administrative penalties

According to Article 452 of the Administrative Violations Code, non-compliance with the above requirement entails an administrative fine of approximately EUR 700 on the head of a broadcasting operator, and approximately EUR 2 800 on the broadcasting operator.
We do not preclude that the absence of a registered representative office by a particular channel will be classified as a single episode of non-compliance, so local operators broadcasting hundreds of foreign channels may face considerable fines and penalties.
Also the absence of a registered representative office may be a formal reason for authorities to prohibit a foreign channel from broadcasting in Kazakhstan.

How we can assist you

In this regard, SCHNEIDER GROUP in Kazakhstan would like to offer the following services to your channel:

  • Registration of a representative office
  • Legal and business address
  • Visa support and labor law
  • Accounting, reporting, and HR functions
  • Tax and statistics compliance

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