Doing business in Uzbekistan

On August 2, 2018, SCHNEIDER GROUP hosted a business breakfast on the topic “Doing business in Uzbekistan”. Two experts shared their knowledge and experience in the area. Nodir Ayupov, Head of the SCHNEIDER GROUP office in Tashkent, and Florian Schneider, Russian managing partner from Dentons, presented a detailed market overview of Uzbekistan and analyzed investment opportunities for international businesses.

Nodir Ayupov started his presentation with the country profile and highlighted the fact that the country had woken up from 20 years of deep sleep and recently implemented some remarkable reforms. He covered historical and economic factors, supporting his speech with numerous facts and figures. Afterwards he moved on to the key industries and perspectives for foreign companies doing business in Uzbekistan.

Florian Schneider considered the legislative context and spoke about tax regimes and respective accounting rules. He also emphasized most issues of domestic and international human resource management, such as immigration rules and fines for non-compliance.

Overall, the business breakfast was a great success and most participants expressed their wish to be invited to further events connected with doing business in Uzbekistan. Lively discussions and a lot of questions to the experts showed the evidence of profoun interest in the chosen topic.

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Are you interested in doing business in Uzbekistan? Contact our expert in Tashkent:
Nodir Ayupov
Head of Tashkent Office
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