Digitalization of court system in Ukraine

On 30.03.2020 Ukraine adopted new mechanism for provision of court sessions online. Latest updates provide that by means of applying a specialized software on own technical devices participants of court proceeding may take an opportunity to participate in the court sessions remotely even from home office.

The pilot program provides trials could be conducted with the use of video-conference technology and hearings could be made accessible to the public. For the purpose to utilize the full scope of procedural rights such as submit evidences, make statements, question counterparts and related parties of the trial must ensure the following:

  1. Obtain a qualified electronic signature within local certified electronic service providers;
  2. Create personal account on the specialized official web portal and ensure its video-conference platform woks property on own device;
  3. Apply to the court with a request for online participation and obtain respective video-link;
  4. Log in 10 min. prior the start of the court session;

New approach should mitigate impact of COVID 19 protective measures on local court system and help parties of the trial to save time for trial processes. Even though the new approach still has list of technical issues to be improved so far it definitely can be treated as a confident step of local government towards digital era.


Please kindly contact us in case if more detailed information will be required. Schneider Group experts will continue monitoring developments on the subject and will be glad to share their practices in applying of new digital mechanisms with you.

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