Pharma Competence Centre

Pharma competence centre

Two events have radically altered the business landscape for pharmaceutical companies in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): the 2017 ratification of the EAEU unified pharmaceutical market and Russia’s “Pharma 2020” strategy, which aims to establish local production for essential medical supplies.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has responded by creating the Pharma Competence Centre, a group of industry experts with vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry and with regulatory bodies, centered in Yerevan. Armenia is an attractive location for pharma companies, due to its trade agreements with the EAEU and European Union, geographic location, natural resources, educated workforce, and special economic zones.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Pharma Competence Centre will support your business, help you navigate the new regulations, and help you tap the large and rapidly growing EAEU market without wasting time.


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