Natalia Ovchinnikova

Finance and Accounting Director
Natalia joined SCHNEIDER GROUP in 2017 as head of accounting group. Her responsibility was set up of customer bookkeeping and tax accounting. Natalia came to the company as an experienced specialist and manager, with significant accounting experience in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, construction, etc.

Having shown significant results, Natalia was appointed Finance and Accounting Director in 2022. Her team works on more than 20 projects and specialises in accounting, management and tax accounting, financial management and planning, optimising accounting processes, restoring and setting up accounting, and automating accounting and reporting.

Natalia has over 20 years' experience in accounting and finance, 17 of them she worked as chief accountant and finance director. She has extensive accounting experience with companies in the real economy and is qualified in the working processes of internal finance and accounting departments, which helps her find common ground with employees at client companies of SCHNEIDER GROUP.   

Prior to joining the company, Natalia worked for 10 years as a chief accountant with finance director responsibilities for one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of loading/discharging units and metering systems for pipelines in the oil and petrochemical industry.

Natalia's customers include global leaders in the manufacture and trade of containers, kitchen fittings, equipment for the glass and other industries; IT companies; software developers; and the world's leading travel community, bringing together millions of travellers, travelling companions and carriers.

She has two higher education degrees: a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics with a degree in CAD (computer-aided design systems) software engineering, and an advanced degree in accounting, analysis and audit. She holds DipIFR and Professional Accountant certificates.

Natalia speaks German and English.

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