Our values

Values and principles based on ethical insight, rationality, and hands-on experience underly our success. They represent the pillars of our corporate identity and characterize our professional and personal approach.

We are one team!
We value Responsibility, Transparency, and Flexibility.
Quality, efficiency, and practicability are embedded into simple structures.
Special achievements of employees should be rewarded.
Every colleague is important and committed to the team.
We communicate openly and honestly.
In a difficult situation, the first question should be what one can personally contribute.

A few words from the founder

“At SCHNEIDER GROUP we have over 500 employees who enjoy working for clients and are eager to help bring their businesses to new heights.

We operate in markets characterized by transparency. This is why we particularly value clear and comprehensive structures that our clients can understand. Compliance is more than a legal term for us. It is a fundamental part of business operations at all levels.

Leading by example is another essential element that shapes our day-to-day actions. We are very conscious that values have to translate into actions, so we consider punctuality, organization, and discipline to be vital, especially in our business performance. The value of these should not be underestimated.

Last but not least, I believe it is an important managerial duty to assign meaningful and satisfying tasks to employees on all levels. This is not always be easy in our business and thus represents an even bigger challenge.”

Ulf Schneider