Business Set Up in Russia

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As entering the market in Russia is not comparable to for example Poland or Hungary, general consulting for the Russian market entry is essential to avoid common pitfalls. Business is done differently in Russia, significantly faster and in a less foreseeable way.

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Market analysis are necessary, if the Russian market is interesting for you, but you require a lot more information before taking a decision to enter the market. This is why we provide you with a revealing market analysis.

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports you with entering a new market within just a few days and without the hassle of company registration via our office-in-office solution!
We hire your employee and take over personnel management incl. payroll. Fully furnished working desks are available as well as secretarial services, a business address and conference rooms. In addition, we issue invitations for business visas and support you with our import / DDP services.

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Business plans for Russia often include a plethora of uncertainties concerning the calculation of costs, as well as the time frame. Often there arise unexpected costs for personnel and office leases. The expense for leasing a well-situated office in the center of Moscow are 300-500% higher than in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf or Frankfurt.