Market Entry FAST TRACK

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports you with entering a new market within just a few days and without the hassle of company registration via our office-in-office solution!

We hire your employee and take over personnel management incl. payroll. Fully furnished working desks are available as well as secretarial services, a business address and conference rooms. In addition, we issue invitations for business visas and support you with our import / DDP services.

Thus, you get access to our comprehensive office infrastructure, enjoy the benefit of our excellent reputation, have an employee who is incorporated into our established company, all under your operational guidance.

Our Market Entry FAST TRACK service package contains:
• Search for suitable candidates
• Outstaffing: we hire your employee
• Fully furnished and ready-to-use working space
• Business address for marketing purposes incl. a separate telephone number
• Secretarial services through a personally assigned coordinator
• Use of conference rooms in our professional conference center
• Invitation for business visas
• Import / DDP services

Advantages of Market Entry FAST TRACK service:
• Fast and simple market testing with minimal risks
• Turn-key solution for an immediate market presence
• Accelerated start without the hassle of company registration
• Concentration on core business without administrative overhead
• Simple transition to potential subsidiary at any time
• One invoice only for all monthly expenses

To learm more about Market Entry FAST TRACK service you can read the Russia Briefing issue on the topic "The FAST TRACK to Market Entry: Outstaffing".

Feedback from satisfied clients: Outstaffing is the perfect solution for a fast and target-oriented market entry. Since I am the only employee, it was the best way for us, and we are now able to export without having to register a company. Michael Konon, Logistics Manager


Frequently Asked Questions about Market Entry FAST TRACK service:
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1. Do I have to set up a legal entity to sell my machines in Russia, Kazakhstan,
Belarus or Ukraine?
2. How can I find potential customers, or partners in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
or Kazakhstan?
3. How difficult is import into the Eurasian Union and Ukraine?

Want more? | We can offer you business addresses in 5 countries at the same time: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

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